Keep on climbing that corporate ladder and make it to the top! Show your boss that you don't get frustrated easily.
Interactive Fiction
To become a Master Magical Item Maker you will have to create items to make the grade.
Lone overnight IT Support saves her part of the world from a monster created from doomsday belief.
Role Playing
A puzzle game missing something very important.
A simulation game about hitting it big on public access TV.
Grandpa learns the true value of family and video games.
Your well meaning grandmother bought you a knockoff Super Console, might as well play it.
Welcome to the board game of life, where everything is bad and it only gets worse.
A terrible RPG maker game (with great music) where you are a demon eating souls, very 'edgy'.
Role Playing
Forget your stress and try to relax as the world keeps trying to invade your mind with noise and negative vibes.