A downloadable game

How to Play

  • Move with the Arrow Keys
  • Shoot with S
  • Use items with A
  • Open Settings with D
  • Controls can be rebound in the settings menu, has gamepad support.
  • Defeat all the enemies in a room to get a powerup, move to the next floor and repeat until you can get to the boss. This is a short prototype of an Issac clone, which was a bit shorter than I would have liked. Life got in the way.





Sound Effects

Public Domain Art


  • HUMP - Matthias Richter
  • ANIM8 - Enrique García Cota
  • Windfield - SSYGEN
  • SYSL Libraries - Sysl

Created For

The Vaporwave Jam

Install instructions

Windows: Run the EXE in the folder.

Linux/Mac - Install Love, open the love file though love on your system.


TragityWillNotStopMyHappyEndSysl.zip 18 MB

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